Iranian Mental Health Center

About us

The IRANIAN MENTAL HEALTH CENTER is a non-profit organization comprised of psychiatrists, psychologists, and counsellors, who are all invested in mental health, education, counselling, and cultural activities. Our goal is to help promote mental health and prevent stigma, behavioural, and psychological issues within the Canadian-Iranian community.
The IMHC, commissioned by Dr. Majid Kaveh, a doctor and psychologist based in Toronto, has held more than 50 training seminars and workshops.
In addition to providing counselling sessions, the IMHC has taken an important step in increasing mental health awareness in the Iranian immigrant community all over the world, as well as enabling better access to mental health professionals by holding seminars, lectures, and workshops.

Our Team


Majied Kaveh

M.D. , Psychologist

Former faculty member of clinical psychology

Director of Iranian mental health center

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Shahro Shafaei

PHD in Child Developmental Psychology

Professor, University of Missouri, USA

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Ida Zarrabi

Masters in Psychology Canada

Addiction treatment certificate

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Dr. Hassan Rafiey

Psychiatry and a Master of Public Health (MPH)

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Hissein Sadeghi

M.D. – ICU specialist

Master of Clinical Psychology – Canada

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Mahyar Mohammadzadeh

Master of Psychoanalytic Psychology – UK

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