Iranian Mental Health Center

Dr. Hassan Rafiey

Dr. Hassan Rafiey, a distinguished medical professional holding a Doctor of Medicine degree with a specialization in Psychiatry and a Master of Public Health (MPH), boasts an illustrious career marked by expertise in social psychiatry and addiction. He served as a faculty member at the University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences, contributing significantly to the academic landscape. Dr. Rafiey still assumes the role of editori-in-chief for the specialized quarterly journal “Refah-e Ejtemaei” and has previously held the position of Vice President at the Iranian Association of Psychiatry.
Having pursued both general and specialized medical courses within Iran, Shahid Beheshti Medical University, Dr. Rafiey has dedicated three decades to a dual commitment: imparting knowledge as a university professor and providing therapeutic interventions to his clients. His literary contributions include authored works such as “Erikson, His Son, and Identity Architect” and “Interdisciplinary Research Methods in Social Problems and Deviances.” Furthermore, Dr. Rafiey has translated essential textbooks in the fields of psychiatry and psychology, exemplified by his translations of Hilgard’s “Introduction to Psychology” and Kaplan and Sadock’s “Synopsis of Psychiatry.”
With a prolific record of dozens of published articles, Dr. Rafiey’s scholarly focus revolves around pivotal subjects in social psychiatry and psychology, notably encompassing themes of social health, addiction, and life skills. His expertise is not confined to conventional mediums, as Dr. Rafiey extends his services to clients through both online and in-person consultations. This multifaceted professional embodies a commitment to advancing knowledge and fostering well-rounded mental health practices in the community.