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Conference on Mental Health Supporting for Refugees May 25 2024

The Conference on Mental Health Supporting for Refugees, organized by the Iranian Mental Health center in collaboration with the Parya Foundation, was held on May 25, 2024, at the Parya Foundation venue. The conference aimed to share experiences and exchange information to provide more effective mental health services to Iranian migrants and refugees, with dozens of experts in psychology, sociology, education, and social work in attendance.

Majied Kaveh, a physician, psychotherapist and director of the Iranian Mental Health Center, delivered a speech titled “Mental Health: The Foundation of Success in Migration.” He discussed studies and research conducted by the World Health Organization and the United Nations, emphasizing the necessity of adapting proposed methods to the culture and demographic profile of Iranian refugees. Based on existing experiences, he offered several recommendations.


Following him, Ida Zarabi, master of psychology and registered psychotherapist, shared her experiences and stressed the importance of supporting the mental health of refugees. She also introduced organizations and institutions that support refugees.

The event continued with a theatrical performance addressing the issues and challenges faced by refugees, by Sahand Enamzadeh which was well-received by the audience. Additionally, several successful refugees shared their experiences with the participants.

The final part of the conference was a Q&A panel featuring Hossein Sadeghi, a physician and psychologist; Farideh Tabrizi, a psychologist; Alireza Dorostkar, a lawyer and immigration consultant; and Roshanak Mohammadpour, a psychotherapist. The panel addressed questions from the audience regarding legal, familial, mental, and emotional issues, as well as challenges related to providing services to refugees. Experts in sociology and education also discussed refugee issues from their perspectives.

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